Who We Are

Since 1989, DAY Surgical Products Inc. has been a leader in providing high quality surgical products to health care providers throughout each of our geographic areas.  We’ve accomplished this by representing market-leading manufacturers, deploying a team of well-trained sales consultants, and providing outstanding customer service.

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Our Mission

To be the premier distributor of medical products in our sales region of Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Northern California and Northern Nevada.

Companies and Products Represented

  • ASICO – ophthalmic instrumentation, Toric markers for entire geography.
  • Cuda – headlights, lightsources, cameras and cables in total geography
  • Elekta – Leksell headframe, Medical Intelligence, and associated products in total geography.
  • Kirwan – bipolar coagulators, forceps, monopolar forceps, microdissection needes, electrodes and handles in northwest states.
  • Kurz – Titanium middle ear implants for total geography.
  • Mizuho – Sugita Aneurysm clips and micro instruments for total geography.
  • Pro Med Instruments – DORO® skull clamps, non-stick forceps, cranial stabilization and retractor systems in total geography.
  • TeDan Surgical Innovations – Distraction screws and retractor blades in Washington, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Alaska.
  • Thea Surgical – drapes for oculus bioms and Zeiss Resight in total geography.
  • Zeiss – Surgical microscopes in total geography. Awarded Carl Zeiss 2002 Distributor of the Year based on superior performance.